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How do i get the Guarantee Seal

optikart.ae prides itself of being one of the few authentic suppliers that provide 100% brand new, genuine products. We only deal with genuine and authentic products, which are provided by our trusted suppliers. All our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers or approved manufacturer agents.

  • We assure you that our products are of the highest quality, and are the exact original items that you would get from the store.
  • We are able to provide full proof that the products on our website are indeed authentic and genuine and are sourced directly.
  • We aim to strive in customer service, care and support. So if you have any queries, any doubts, or any complaints, feel free to contact help@optikart.ae
  • If need be, we will personally call you within 3 days and guarantee that your item would be shipped within 3 to 14 days the latest.
  • We encourage any customer who has a doubt about the authenticity of the products on our site to send an email to help@optikart.ae
  • We built the website with the intent of providing genuine products & discounted prices. Our mission is to find the best vendors from whom we can buy in bulk, so as to be able to provide you with high quality items.

Our aim is to innovate and bring something new to the table, and that is exactly why we introduced E-commerce to our reputable group buying website "Optikart". But innovation does not mean we have to cut costs, hence we have used our experience in dealing with vendors to provide products of high quality at astonishingly low prices.

How do i get the Guarantee Seal
  • Asif Mirza: "Optikart is the best solution for someone looking to buy authentic goods, at low prices!"
  • Salika Rehman: "I bought many items online before, but I have always doubted the quality of the products. However, I have found my new online shopping experience with Optikart to be quite rewarding. Authentic products and low prices. Can't beat that!"
  • Maricel Soriano: "I still have my doubts when shopping online because I have trust issues. The only website that has never disappointed me is optikart.ae"
  • Vishal Bhatia: "I get what I pay for at Optikart. The only reason why I continue to purchase from here."
How do i get the Guarantee Seal